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Import the music track to your audio editor and tweak the EQ. Well-designed, planned, narrated and produced audio content has the facility to engage the audience and transport the listener, providing the right cognitive environment for learning or entertainment or whatever goal the podcast seeks to achieve. They do a great job of picking up only the audio that is close by.

I received an email asking the following: What specific advice can you give about the kind of microphone to purchase for making good quality audio narrations to accompany my Captivate training sessions, minimizing echo and other audio problems? I was surprised by how good the audio was considering the poor experiences I've had with most built-in microphones in the past. When creating an online course, you often need to capture a live video, audio , or screen recording. Fine-tune every cut and transition, edit color and audio , and fix shaky video.

Chirbit is a useful and fun tool that enables you to record, upload, and share your voice or audio files easily. Screencast-O-Matic is free for Windows or Mac users. When you plug your device into your Mac and launch a mobile recording app e.

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Editing audio is a fairly straightforward process, especially when you have excellent not to mention free! What you will need: For most TechSmith tutorials, the narration track is actually recorded first with a handheld microphone or a podcaster USB microphone that feeds straight into Audacity an open-source audio editor. How to paste white noise over existing audio. John put together the following slideshow using Camtasia for Mac.

I asked John how he created the screencast with Camtasia for Mac. This week's Screencast of the Week is a great one! Camtasia for Mac 2. Improved system audio capture. Happy Tuesday! Here at TechSmith, we generally start with a script and storyboard, record the audio , record the video while listening to the audio , and then edit it all together.

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I purchased the royalty-free stock audio from Audioblocks. That is one of the secrets to great audio.

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Audacity is a free, handy open source audio editing tool. Not only do we have a new version of Camtasia Studio 7 available today, but we also have a new release for Camtasia for Mac 1. Camtasia for Mac 1. It's time for another sneak peek all about Camtasia for Mac!

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After you've recorded your screencast, you can use Camtasia for Mac's sophisticated editing options to make your screencasts standout from the rest. Whether you're new to screencasting or are an expert, Camtasia for Mac has great features and options for you. And, in Camtasia for Mac , you can use more advanced editing functions without having to worry about your existing audio , video and images getting out of sync. The OneDrive for Business integration allows you to import and export content such as images, audio , and video.

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Camtasia for Mac. Snagit for Mac 3. Improved audio editing for timeline selections. If you own Snagit 2 , Snagit on Mac 2.

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Use these links to learn more about them — Windows or Mac. Believe it or not, the ability to turn tracks on and off — a feature of Camtasia for Mac 2. And if they want to compare two audio clips one right after the other? Audio can add a great deal to the quality of your course. Many devices and industry-standard elearning tools offer simple and effective software for recording audio.

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Bottom line, for use in the training authoring system, you need a tool that will export your audio file in MP3 format. It captures full motion video of anything on your screen, complete with digital audio , and an optional microphone voiceover. Check it out: Music should flow well with the content on screen 0: Avoid music that is too cheesy 0: Music should not compete with other audio.

System Audio Snagit Mac. With Snagit on Mac 3. If your device is muted via the silence switch, the audio coming from your device will not be included in your recording. When recording audio , I've learned it's not a matter of if I'll make a mistake in my narration, but rather when I'll make a mistake. For me, it's going to happen and I will have to edit that audio. Daniel had a great technique for editing audio. System Audio Recording: Capture the sound coming from your computer speakers and from your microphone. The steps reference Camtasia for Mac , but the process is really similar on Camtasia Studio.

Step 1: You need to import your media into Camtasia for Mac. Previously in this series of E-Learning Curve Blog posts about Podcasting for E-Learning, I discussed downloading and installing the open source audio editor called Audacity. The Scenario: The source audio is a short piece of recorded voice-over of the presenter counting from one through ten.

Just check for updates within your copy of Camtasia for Mac. In Camtasia for Mac 2. So you have your audio and video recorded but don't know how to take it to that next level? Week two brings you tips on how to reinforce your audio instructions using editing tools such as annotations, callouts and zooms. Use annotations to reinforce audio instructions. When dealing with video content, all you can do is preview the recording and cut a specific portion. Noteworthy is that Snagit allows you to connect to various online account in order to quickly upload the final projects from within the application: Snagit succeeds at being a complete screen capturing solution: To conclude, Snagit is the tool you want if you have to highlight certain aspects of an image, or if you need to record video presentations: Home Application Snagit Snagit You can view capture data in a mobile device using 3gp format.

Also you will able to save your project to flash format and upload it on the website. With this easy to use program you can record your voice during creating your video from microphone or just grab all sound of your Mac. Macvide ScreenCap Tech Specs. Free to try. Screen Capture. System Requirements.