Mac os x cannot be installed on this computer if you want to restore

Do not be put off by the word "upgrade" in the description of the Snow Leopard retail disc. Apple's upgrade is not like a MS upgrade.

Mac OS X cannot be installed on this computer

While the license agreement for that install only allows you to upgrade from Leopard, the technical truth is that it is a complete install disc. You can upgrade an existing installation or install to a bare hard drive. You can use it not only to upgrade from Leopard but also from Tiger. Or at least that's what I've read. One caveat. If you decide to get a Snow Leopard retail disc try to get the latest version you can. This is probably While you don't need it to install, it will save you some time because you won't have as much to download to update the OS after the install.

It occurred to me after posting the stuff above that if you are willing to risk it, another approach you might try is to boot your MacBook in target disk mode , connect it to your friend's MacBook using a firewire cable, and use your friend's install media in his MacBook to install OS X onto your MacBook's hard drive.

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If this works then you might also also need to also use your friend's MacBook to update the installation to the latest or at least a later version of Leopard. Again, I just don't know if his version of Leopard will run without problems on your MacBook. I frankly have no idea if any of this would work or not. But if you are careful it shouldn't hurt anything much Your call.

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Taking the above yet one step further and, as always, if you and your friend can agree on it, you could simply temporarily move your MacBook's hard drive into your friend's MacBook. Then just use his install media in his MacBook to install Leopard to your drive. Then update the install to the latest or at least a later version of Leopard. Then move it back to your MacBook. It seems like this should work, no? Or you could use an external drive enclosure for your hard drive together with your friend's MacBook.

If you never installed macOS Sierra 10.12.4

This should also work. I would expect it to work with a MacBook as well. I've never tried installing to a Mac in Target Disk Mode though so I can't offer more than the suggestion. First, I have to bust a myth.

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It's actually the other way around; the Mac hardware is OS-locked. You can take the install discs from a brand-new Mac and use them to install Mac OS X on any earlier Mac, but not the other way around. Any set of Leopard install disks containing But any Leopard install disks containing any build earlier than If you had a retail box version Leopard install discs handy, they could be If your Leopard retail box contained If it contained It's actually a full install of It's called an "upgrade" because the terms of the license require you to already own a license to Less than one and a half hours later, I knew the answer.

The first thing to do is to format the drive. Select then drag and drop the source image Snow Leopard and the destination the USB drive from the left pane to the corresponding place. After the restoring process is finished, we can see that the USB drive has been transformed into an installation disk. You will have the option to boot from the hard disk or a USB disk; I guess you know which one to choose, right? The whole installation — or upgrade, some would say — process took about 50 minutes.

There are some applications that are still incompatible with Snow Leopard, which is to be expected at the early stage of every new OS. Explore more about: Your email address will not be published. You start out by titling the article "Snow Leopard". Then you discuss ""upgraded their Mac to Leopard", the "latest feline from Apple".

I believe you mean Snow Leopard. Then to installing Snow Leopard using a thumb drive "for Mac users who do not have access to a physical optical drive.

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You then provide instructions for installing "upgrading your Mac to Leopard. This is a solution for no one. Assume you meant Snow Leopard. I would be highly upset.

Short of replacing the logic board here I've been through it all with this machine. All information grabbed from this site: In the times this has happened to me it has been a failure to updated the Date in terminal, the computer thinks its too old to install a new OS than it originally shipped with. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit.

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Sam Wallace Rep: Just had same problem. Answer was simple but not obvious. You have to QUIT utilities. I believed I had to restart.